19 August 2007

This is a joke, right?

I started getting a prompt when I booted saying I had to activate Windows again because I changed the hardware. Of course we all know that the activation system Microsoft uses is ridiculous and treats us all as criminals but my problem is what brought it on.

"Changed hardware!", I hear you cry, "You must have really done something drastic to your system!"

You'd think that, but no. What did I change then? The frickin power supply. That's right the power supply and nothing else. I really don't think that changing the power supply is something Windows could even detect so that leads me to the thought that this is probably a bug. A bug that has the ability to piss me off fully and however many other people have encountered it.

It creates more food for thought too. What if the year was 2015 and Microsoft was no longer activating XP. Or they may not even exist (come on, it's possible!). Activation is another dirty form of DRM which can only hurt consumers. And today that consumer is me.