05 May 2008

Democratic Delegate Counter

CNN has a rather interesting delegate counter for the democratic nomination race on their site. It's quite fun to play with the sliders and see what's going on at the moment.

There are problems though. It's written in Flash - nothing wrong with that in theory but the Flash seems to be referencing a bunch of non existent variables - all I get is a page full of NaN and undefined (except sometimes).

Anyway, instead I thought I'd create my own (requires javascript; opens in a new window):

Click here

Sure, it doesn't have a map and the sliders aren't as fancy but yes, it works in every browser.

Some notes:
- Use the editable text boxes to change the current number of delegates / superdelegates who are pledged.
- You may find you need to adjust a slider (any slider) to get new calculations after you manually update one of the text boxes.
- Works in all modern browsers (that I've tested!)
- Let me know of any bugs (and if I can be bothered I'll fix them).